Adobe Design Software Tuition

Informal one-to-one Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign tuition - £25 per hour, minimum 2 hours. Payment must be made in advance.

Tuition available in the Edinburgh (UK) area only

Cancellations refunded up to 48 hours before scheduled tuition appointment

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Learn how to non-destructively edit and enhance photos. Create a composite image. Find out more about Tools, Panels, Layers and Masks. Pick up some tips and shortcuts to speed your workflow.


Learn how to create original vector graphic art and designs. Find out more about Paths, Strokes & Fills, Clipping Masks and Gradients. Learn useful shortcuts and tips to speed up your work.

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Learn how to lay out single sheet or multi-page documents. Understand Master Page, Paragraph and Character Styles for consistent and professional looking print documents. Find out about useful shortcuts and helpful hints for designing beautiful documents.


BACS or PayPal payment accepted. Contact us to arrange tuition and payment.